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GWG+ 3G/4G Gateway

 GWG+ 3G/4G Gateway Geneko GWG+ Gateway is compact and cost effective communications solution that provides cellular capabilities for fixed and mobile applications such as data acquisition, smart metering, remote monitoring, traffic control and management.
GWG+ comes with greatly increased storage area and also includes support for Python interpreter. It allows users to create their own applications and add functionalities that they need. GWG+ supports a variety of radio bands options on 2G, 3G and 4G cellular technologies. It is reliable solution thanks to high performance hardware platform and VPN/Security powerful options. When coupled with the rich embedded intelligence, it is the perfect choice for a broad set of M2M solutions.


GWG+ comes with numerous connectivity options and multiple configuration methods. It allows you to connect your existing Ethernet and serial devices using

basic configuration. Besides Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-422/ RS-485 serial ports, the device is equipped with USB port as well as 1-Wire interface and 2/2 configurable digital input/outputs available on GPIO Connector, and digital input/output available on power connector. Its small size and easy installation makes it suitable for challenging and size-constrained applications. GWG+ gateway can be used on either desktop or mounted on a DIN rail.


GWG 3G/4G Gateway



GWG 3G/4G Gateway Geneko-GWG-Gateway



Main features


  • Compact, cost effective communication solution
  • Cellular capabilities for M2M applications
  • Support for remote Management and Monitoring
  • Reliable, high performance solution
  • Small-sized, convenient for easy installation and rapid deployment
  • Multiple configuration methods, including web/serial console
  • Numerous connectivity options: Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422/RS-485, USB, 2/2 + 1+1 Digital I/O
  • 1-Wire interface on GPIO connector
  • Chroot environment allows the user to write scripts and adapt and develop existing functionality



Ordering information




USB 2.0 Digital
I/O on
Power c.
1-Wire interface
GWG-30+ 2/2 1+1
GWG-40+ 2/2 1+1







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