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Fleet management service


Geneko Fleet Management Service is a specialized service for tracking the movement and activities of vehicles, working machines and drivers as well as for fleet monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year over Geneko monitoring center with a monthly fee. This service is suitable for both large fleet tracking and just one vehicle tracking.


The service is based on a comprehensive Fox Fleet Management System (FMS) that offers users a fully customizable web monitoring platform. The data on the statuses and movement of vehicles are available at any time, as well as information needed to reduce costs of fuel and fleet maintenance, increase safety, reduce the risk of theft and improve customer service.


The user can access his user account on the Geneko website from anywhere and from any device with an Internet connection and monitor the movement of vehicles on detailed maps on the monitor and control the vehicle statuses and the driver's behavior while driving.



Basic functions


  • Real-time vehicle tracking

Insight into the position of the vehicle in motion or stationary on the map, data on the current speed of the vehicle and the statuses of the equipment and devices on the vehicle.


  • History of vehicle movement

In the history, all information on the movement of each vehicle from the user's fleet is preserved - precise mileage, average and maximum speed, total movement and stopping time, vehicle start time.


  • Reports

It is possible to generate a large number of vehicle and driver reports and set up automatic reports sending via email (daily, weekly or monthly).

  • Alarm

Instantly receiving an alarm due to certain events: speeding or time spent driving, moving the vehicle at standstill, starting the vehicle at an unauthorized time, entering or exiting a certain zone (Geofence)…


  • Notices

Obtaining notifications about the approaching dates for interventions on the vehicle, such as large and small services, various forms of preventive maintenance, registration, certification, etc.



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