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GWR-I352 Industrial 3G/4G Routers

Many useful features make GWR-I352 cellular routers a perfect solution for wide variety of industrial applications:


Dual SIM card

Dual SIM card support increases the reliability of the router and provides a solution for those applications where failure of one mobile network must not result in system downtime.


Advanced WAN settings

The whole set of advanced WAN settings allow a user to specify desired parameters in order to meet the requirements of specific cellular network. GWR routers have proved to be reliable and high performance devices in so many countries around the world.


VPN tunnel support

VPN (GRE, IPsec, OpenVPN) tunnel support provides powerful options for network expansion and secure data transfer over the cellular network.


Serial-to-IP feature

With Serial-to-IP feature it is possible to connect, control and perform data acquisition from almost any device with serial RS-232C, RS-422 or RS-485 port. In addition to this feature, GWR-I router series implements ModbusRTU-to-ModbusTCP functionality designed to support expansion of Modbus SCADA networks over the cellular networks.


Full control over device

Easy to use web interface, extended CLI (Command Line Interface), detailed log, SMS control feature, and partial and full configuration Export/Import provide wide range of management functionalities. All those features and tools empower a user with full control over GWR-I routers.



Protocols and Features



DHCP server; RIP; Port forwarding; DMZ Support; SNMPv1,2c; DynDNS; NTP; Firewall (NAT, PAT, IP filtering); Serial-to-IP; ModbusRTU-to-ModbusTCP



GRE; GRE Keepalive; IPsec pass-through; IPsec main/aggressive, Data integrity (HMAC-MD5, SHA-1, Authentication and key management); IKE, manual keys; IKE features (Perfect Forward Secrecy, Auth-Method PSK, Identify IP address, DPD for constant connection, Automatic NAT-T behind NAT, Initiator and responder); IPSec tunnel failover; OpenVPN



Web based configuration interface; Command Line Interface on serial console; SSH; SMS control; Detailed system log; Default reset; Firmware upload; Partial or full configuration Export/Import



Firmware and protocol versions


  • FW version: 3.0.25
  • OpenVPN: 2.1.1
  • OpenSSL: 0.9.7e


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