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GWR352 Cellular Router Series



Geneko GWR352 Wide Voltage 3G/4G RouterGeneko GWR352 Cellular Router Series represent a robust solution designed to provide remote connectivity over 3G/4G LTE cellular networks especially for customers who require a power supply from 9 to 36 VDC. This Series is a pure machine to machine connectivity solution which brings scalability of even most demanding corporate networks to the highest possible level. Installing a reliable, high performance backup solution for existing land lines or satellite networks is now a simple task thanks to modern cellular networks. Therefore, no matter if the goal is to provide primary internet access or backup solution for already existing network, GWR352 Cellular Router Series represents a perfect solution for M2M applications thanks to many useful functions and features:


  • Dual SIM card support increases the reliability of the router and provides a solution for those applications where failure of one mobile network must not result in system downtime.


  • The whole set of advanced WAN settings allows the user to specify desired parameters in order to meet the requirements of specific cellular network. GWR352 routers proved themselves to be reliable and high performance devices in many countries around the world.


  • VPN tunnel support (GRE, IPsec and OpenVPN) provides powerful options for network expansion and secures data transfer over the cellular network.


  • With Serial-to-IP feature it is possible to connect, control and perform data acquisition from almost any device with serial RS-232 port. In addition to this feature, GWR352 router series implements ModbusRTU-to-ModbusTCP functionality designed to support expansion of Modbus SCADA networks over the cellular networks.


  • Full control over device - Easy to use web interface, extended CLI (Command Line Interface), detailed log, SMS control feature, and partial and full configuration Export/Import provide wide range of management functionalities. All those features and tools empower a user with full control over GWR352 routers


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      3G/4G LTE Router series with a wide power supply range from 9 to 36 VDC.



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