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Fox Advanced AVL

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Fox Advanced AVL

Fox Advanced is AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) device enabling satellite vehicle monitoring and supervision of vehicle statuses, defined parameters, measurements and detection of important events. Vehicle data is transferred through mobile telecommunication network (GSM/GPRS) and Internet, enabling the user to track and control his vehicles at any moment. It is designed for private or professional use, for monitoring of only one vehicle or the whole fleet. Monitoring is performed by computer or mobile phone connected to Internet.
Device configuration can be done remotely through SMS messages and GPRS service, or locally using serial port. Expense optimization of GPRS traffic is achieved by double set of parameters for device operation in local network and roaming.
Wide range of devices can be connected to Fox Advanced device including GARMIN, EuroScan, Fuel Flow Meters and Fuel Level Meters. Fox Advanced can be connected to vehicle FMS, enabling monitoring vehicle data. Using additional interface devices, connection to CAN and OBD II is also possible.


Main functions

  • Real-time locating, tracking and mapping using PC or mobile phone
  • Automatic monitoring and reporting of important events and vehicle statuses
  • History of vehicle routes
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