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Fuel control


Fuel level control using FMS Interface


FMS Fleet Management System is an open standard for monitoring parameters of vehicle adopted by major manufacturers-which allows remote monitoring of following parameters: vehicle speed, RPM, load on the axles, the total number of working hours, tachograph information, distance to next service (mileage) , cooling water temperature, the amount of available fuel and lots of other information.



Fuel level control using data from the CAN bus line of the vehicle


Geneko FMS system is capable of reading the data directly from the vehicle CAN bus lines using additional devices. First of all, this is a good solution for vehicles without the FMS standard. Data, that are available for reading, vary by type and model of each vehicle individually.



Fuel level control using additional sensors built into the tank.


Geneko devices and Geneko system have the ability of reading and monitoring the fuel level using fuel level additional sensors, analog and digital. The sensors are being installed in the tanks of vehicles and provide accurate information about the fuel level in the tank, the amount of added (poured) fuel, and possible fuel theft. All information are available through reports and charts.



Fuel consumption control using fuel flow meters


Fuel control using fuel flow meter is designed for companies which in its fleet have a working machine, with a high fuel consumption in operation, under load. The user gets the ability of complete control of fuel consumption (current fuel consumption under certain load,  total and  average fuel consumption), as well as control of working hours.



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