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GWRI-362/462 - 3G/4G Routers

GWRI-362 and GWRI-462 are robust, high performance industrial cellular EDGE/3G/4G routers with ADSL2+ option designed to meet the requirements of large number of machine-to-machine applications in harsh environments. Thanks to high speed 4G module all limitations in terms of possible applications are eliminated. No matter if those model routers are used for providing a primary connection (ATMs, POSs, Sensors, IP cameras...) or backup solutions (remote offices, shops, petrol stations...), this product will demonstrate highest level of stability and reliability.


New GWR-I Industrial Cellular Router Series enables users to develop their own software applications so the device can perform operations with no need for using PC application. That means router can independently communicate directly with the connected machine. GWR-I router comes with versatile connectivity options such as EDGE/3G/4G, ADSL2+, up to 5 Ethernet ports, RS-232 and RS-485 ports, 3 digital inputs and 3 digital outputs. The device is equipped with LCD display which makes possible to monitor router’s status and detect a possible problem without need to access it via PC. New color-coded display can show present/active SIM card, signal strength, cellular network standard, interfaces in use, error alert and more.


This industrial router series also supports additional ADSL2+ option. You can choose the most appropriate one for you, between numerous models of these routers: with 1 or 4 Ethernet ports and ADSL2+ port or 2 or 5 Ethernet ports (without ADSL2+). Additionally, device can be fully customized on request with hardware and software enhancements for fitting users’ specific needs or extended using customer applications.



Key benefits


Multiple broadband WAN access


Dual SIM card


Advanced WAN settings


VPN tunnel support


Chroot environment


Cumulocity Cloud support


Serial-to-IP feature


Full control over device



Ordering information


Model EDGE HSPA+ LTE ADSL2+ RS-232 RS-485 Eth ports Digital I/O
GWRI-362-2-X 2 3/3
GWRI-462-2-X 2 3/3
GWRI-362-5-X 5 3/3
GWRI-462-5-X 5 3/3
GWRI-A462-X 1 3/3
GWRI-A362-4-X 4 3/3
GWRI-A462-4-X 4 3/3

-X at the end of model code denotes GSM module.

Following manufacturers are available: • C – Cinterion (Gemalto) • H – Huawei
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