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RMM System

GWR Remote Management and Monitoring System represent an enterprise class application designed to provide central platform for management and monitoring of large groups of remote GWR units. The personnel of NOC (Network Operations Center) is now able to carry out remote monitoring of all critical parameters of remote units, perform configuration, upgrade the firmware, analyze the system log, create statistical reports and much more. Our Management and Monitoring system is complete Machine to Machine software solution.


Multiple security mechanisms are implemented in order to prevent unauthorized access to central platform and remote units. One NOC professional can be authorized to monitor and control one or more groups of remote units. Those groups are created and assigned by the enterprise administrator. The system continuously monitors remote units and in case that one or more devices become unreachable, remote Management and Monitoring system alarms the administrator (group and/or enterprise). The administrator can select the desired type of alarm for those situations.


Configuration and upgrade of remote units is now a very easy task thanks to GWR Remote Management and Monitoring System. Group administrator can deploy desired configuration template or new firmware version to multiple units or groups of units at the same time. Over the air upgrade and configuration certainly significantly eliminates the costs of system maintenance.


Advance reporting tools allow the administrator to create custom reports and graphics related to device availability, performance and exceptions. Analyzing those reports and graphics can result in optimization of the complete system.

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