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    M2M products and solutions   GWR Cellular Router Series   Obsolete models GWR-202/252/352
GWR352 wide voltage 3G/4G router
Obsolete models GWR-202/252/352

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Obsolete models GWR-202/252/352



  • DHCP server
  • RIP
  • Port forwarding
  • DMZ support
  • SNMPv1,2c
  • DynDNS
  • NTP
  • Firewall (NAT, PAT, IP filtering)
  • Serial-to-IP
  • ModbusRTU-to-ModbusTCP





  • GRE
  • GRE Keepalive
  • IPsec pass-through
  • IPsec main/aggressive
  • Data integrity
    • HMAC-MD5, SHA-1
    • Authentication and key management
  • IKE, manual keys
  • IKE features
    • Perfect Forward Secrecy
    • Auth-Method PSK
    • Identify IP address
    • DPD for constant connection
    • Automatic NAT-T behind NAT
    • Initiator and responder
  • IPSec tunnel failover
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TPv3


Router Management


  • Command Line Interface on serial console and SSH
  • Web application (HTTP)
  • Remote Management and Monitoring System
  • SMS control
  • Partial or full configuration Export/Import
  • Detailed system log
  • Default reset


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