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GWR352 wide voltage 3G/4G router
Obsolete models GWR-202/252/352

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GWR352 wide voltage 3G/4G router

GWR352WV Wide Voltage cellular router has widest possible typical application range. Here is the list of most common applications:


Connectivity and Internet Access


  • Primary Internet access from remote areas
  • Backup connectivity solution by cell networks
  • Solutions for Remote Access to IT resources
  • Internet access on the move



Financial services and retail


  • Connection of ATMs and payment terminals
  • Monitoring of vending & dispensing machines
  • Connection of lottery and gaming machines
  • Bank office supervision
  • Information kiosks     



Data collection & system supervision


  • Extra-high voltage equipment monitoring
  • Running water, oil/gas pipe line supervision
  • Centralized heating system supervision
  • Alert system supervision
  • Power Grid and light supervision
  • Solar PV and wind turbine Power Solutions


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