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Excellent SME Certificate

Product Partners


Gemalto Centirion



GWG+ Gateway

Protocols and Features


• Network: TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DNS, DHCP client, DHCP server, DynDNS

• Routing: NAT, Static routes, PAT, Port forwarding, RIP, OSPF, VRRP, DMZ Support, Firewall (IP Filtering, MAC Filtering)

• Application: SMS remote control, SMS sending, Telnet/SSH, SNMP, NTP, CLI, Remote Management, Connection Manager

• Chroot: Support for shell scripts, LUA, Perl and compiled C/C++ executables

- Python interpreter included with variety of modules

• Serial ports: RS-232 and RS-485, Modbus (TCP/IP and serial RTU), Serial over TCP/UDP, Console on Serial port

• USB port as serial port

• VPN/Security: Ipsec (IKEv1 and IKEv2), OpenSSL, and GRE (with keepalive option); OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP; Encryption: AES, Blowfish, IPsec and OpenVPN tunnels with authentication possibility using certificates (upload of CA, private and CRL certificates as well as key files on a device) or pre-shared key files

• Other: Radius; Timed Actions; Advanced scripting functions; System control; LED management; GPIO (ability to send SMS after status change); Ping utility; Backup setting (Export/Import configuration); Logs reading




  • CE certified
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2014


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