Use Cases

Geneko products and solutions are used worldwide, we have satisfied customers all around the world. High reliability and in-house design provide value for the end user, making their business extremely versatile.

Cellular data transmission

In the world of Big Data and Internet of Things, we are helping businesses to achive the most out of latest technology in cellular data transmission.

Here you can find out more about how our products and solutions can be used in real environment.

DMVPN Technology

Advantages of Geneko DMVPN technology

Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) is very useful, flexible and scalable tunnelling technology and an effective solution for dynamic secure overlay network. Geneko DMVPN solution is Linux based and implemented on GWR 3G/4G series of routers. It is very convenient, practical, easy to deploy and relatively cheap solution... Read moreRead more


GWG Gateway usage in SCADA - PLC modbus communication using SD-WAN and mobile technologies

Geneko GWG gateway is designed for rapid in-field deployment. By relying on cellular networks rather than fixed wired lines, Geneko GWG gateways can be deployed virtually on any location with cellular coverage, making it an ideal solution for connecting remote sites... Read moreRead more

M2M Technology

Rapid Deployment Data Connections for Utility Industries

The importance of accurate and up-to-date information as well as ever present control in modern utilities is well understood as these factors present an imperative in today's smart delivery systems. Lack of reliable communication inevitably causes poor diagnostics, increased maintenance costs and reduced reliability. Read moreRead more

GPS Technology

Financial Transactions and Retail Sales - New Approach

Emerging M2M technology is broadening the type and number of business opportunities in financial service industry and retail sales. Companies are finding new ways to communicate with customers and cutting edge M2M solutions offer limitless possibilities. This new approach is based on reaching the customers in more convenient way. Read moreRead more

GPS Technology

High Speed System Implementation - Video Surveillance

In the world of vast security challenges the ability to cover every location with video surveillance (CCTV) is of high importance. For such mission video surveillance systems mostly utilize IP-based cameras. Cellular network is used for communication to decrease costs and to utilize remote monitoring flexibility. Read moreRead more